As a last attempt to tackle a symptom I will often find someone making an appointment, almost as if they have a natural gut instinct telling them on some level that the area that runs all systems, (the mind) may somehow be able to figure it out, and quite often it is able to, with the application of clinical hypnosis, eft, timeline therapy and various other mind tools and techniques that I can apply during session.

Over a period of sessions many of my clients become so much more self aware that other areas of their lives also tend to improve, as everything is connected in one way or another as to how we process our information given our own experiences and perceptions.

Did you know, that back in 2005 there was a study carried out in Boston in the U.S.A. where it was discovered that around $256 billion dollars was spent on psychosomatic disorders alone, with psychosomatic disorders creating physical symptoms that can easily mask underlying emotional stress?  This form of emotional stress can most commonly cause milder symptoms at first, such as pain or fatigue, and can grow (if unaddressed) into larger issues over a period of time.

Up to one third of people seen in an average general neurology clinic have neurological symptoms that cannot be explained, and in those people emotional issues that are hidden by the conscious mind, are often suspected to be the culprit.  With this in mind, most doctors are reluctant to offer these thoughts up, for far of angering their already distressed patients who are eager for an answer and a quick fix.

Patients therefore will find themselves trapped in a zone of between worlds of medicine and psychiatry, with neither community taking full responsibility for the problem, and so they struggle on, in the hope of finding a different explanation, for their needless suffering.  This leads to a feeling of disappointment and inner rage, as they cannot be helped or even diagnosed, with humiliation of society offering up harsh judgements due to the lack of understanding as to just how powerful the chemical release and state of imbalance that emotional trauma, and upset can cause, years and years later, or indeed the on going stress or stress triggers that one is subjected to in life.

With all of this in mind, is it any wonder that we can hit a wall with our health?  When I see my clients, it isn’t always obvious as to what the cause of the issue is, and that same stress trigger, can go back many years to an original sensitising event.  Sadly, there is an embarrassment factor with some people who come to see me, as they feel that illness maybe a sign of me carrying our judgement of their childhood, or that there is an accusation towards healthy and loving parents, but I can assure you nothing could be further from my mind as a professional therapist.

Any, event can cause a child upset, as it comes from that child’s unique perception of the world and their own developing personality.  In my clinic, we hold a safe space for people to explore themselves, to understand themselves and to give them the chance to stop the mind chatter, or the distraction of family or technology and allow that person to come to terms with what is, and what was.

In a caring, professional and non judgemental environment you are safe in the knowledge that all that is shared is completely confidential, and in line with the NCH code of ethics.  My job is to create an safe and calm environment whereby you can heal yourself from the inside out, and from what I have witnessed over the past 9 years I have worked as a therapist, is that miracles can truly occur within a matter of weeks, and for some in a matter of days!

In short, I think we can agree that the human body and mind are capable of the most extraordinary things, when faced with even more extraordinary triggers.


Have a good day everyone!  and if you need to contact me just call or text 07898 230000 for an appointment.

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