Ever wish you could sleep like a baby, or a young child?  or maybe even a cat sleeping in the mid day sun!  ahhh bliss.  Do you remember that feeling?

For many however, the dream of having a good night’s sleep seem’s to avoid us, and the hours slip by while we watch the light of the clock ticking on by, on the bedside cabinet beside us.

With insomnia now reaching a global epidemic (see below if you wish to read the article) with over 150 million people being affected that we currently know of, we simply can’t afford to ignore the issue for much longer, as it affects our work, our relationships and our health…. See  http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/global_145sleeplessness_epidemic146/    

Of course we have the option of searching on the web for answers, and as we are in the age of information then nothing could be easier, problem is however that insomnia is not always a conscious problem, so what does this mean?

If you wanted to get a good nights sleep and had decided that you would go to bed at a particular time, and sleep then shouldn’t you just sleep?  after all you had made a conscious decision, but hang on a minute, you aren’t sleeping!  no matter how hard you try to relax, and to take your mind away from your problems, or thoughts, you still can’t get a good nights rest…..why?

The subconscious framework, is very clever at creating patterns.  Once a pattern is created (for whatever reason) then the further and deeper that pattern is allowed to go, the more it becomes part of your behaviour, even if it is causing you distress.  Crazy I know!

Hypnosis for sleep works simply because it bypasses the conscious mind, and speaks directly to the subconscious framework, and therefore allows changes in the pattern to take place.  When working directly with the subconscious mind, we can then begin to make the changes that we want.

Often clients turn up at my clinic, after they have exhausted every other possible solution, and all have failed.  They usually look tired, feel depressed and exhausted and are not happy with life in general.  This is what lack of sleep can do, as you may well realise, when you are living a full and often stressful life, without the refreshment that rest can give to you.

Unfortunately for some, hypnosis for sleep doesn’t even cross their mind as the perfect, and un-invasive, natural solution to a good nights rest, and they continue to suffer, as the pattern deepens in the subconscious framework.  As this pattern deepens, it of course becomes part of your habit, and becomes part of you.

If all other tests have proven that there is no medical reason for your insomnia, and you have tried various other methods that just don’t seem to be working, then it could be time for you try hypnosis for sleep.  During session, we talk about your wants and needs, along with any stresses you may be facing, and how you work with everyday tensions, and trials.  We may even look back at any memories that had caused the original upset, or a time in your life when something big changed, and may have triggered your loss of sleep.

After this review, you will then have the lovely and relaxing experience of natural hypnosis, which you can enjoy in a safe, non judgmental and caring space.  All reviews are completely confidential and are bound by the NCH code of professional ethics.

If you wish to find out more, then please just contact me directly, all information is on this site, or book directly by going through my clinic at http://www.theamberzone.co.uk/joanna-knight.html

Have a good day