Panic Attacks & Stress

  Often a panic attack will come on without any warning, and can be extremely uncomfortable and scary.  Unfortunately, even though you may make a conscious decision to never experience one again, this decision is often not enough.

At the time of a sudden panic attack, the subconscious mind, has gone into an automated response to an environment factor that it may have deemed as a threat.  This threat or trigger, does not have to be big, as it can route back to something that has previously happened in your timeline.  This is known as the original sensitising event, and can even be bought on by subliminal suggestions while we are dozing, or half aware of external messages.

The good news!

Panic attacks, and on going stress management can be helped, when we realise that we have had enough of suffering from panic attacks, headaches, palpitations or I.B.S. and how damaging anxiety related issues can be to our physical and mental well being. According to HSE statistics, they show an estimated 9.8 million working days lost each year due to stress, and anxiety linked illness alone, with those figures set in increase. With this in mind we can cleary see how the numbers speak for themselves.

My personal de stress programme will provide you with a wide range of coaching tools, services and knowledge that will provide you with the extra calmness, control, and easy confidence that you want within your professional, or personal life.

Stress and anxiety management classes are also available by request, for those who wish to take control of their anxiety levels. These classes are ideal for those who wish to understand more about their own stress triggers, as well as why stress can affect us physically as well as psychologically, and re-educate us in regards to how our personality type can affect how we react along with past learnt behaviour.
Learn how to take back control and understand how to be calm, relaxed and focused.

For further information on class spaces and locations, just contact me directly.