Rising above Challenge


That can take you to the next level..

Please note: that a unique session tailored to your needs may include the use of multi mind therapies in some cases, in order to get the most out of your session and faster results.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Used for deeper routed, and emotionally based issues)
  • Suggestion based Hypnosis (for straightforward habits)
  • Stop Smoking (A one off session, perfect for those who are ready to Stop Smoking for good).
  • Past life Regression (For the curious, a form of regression hypnosis)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (A positive mind programming technique often used in line with hypnosis for fast results)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Great for getting rid of emotional blocks to success!).
  • Thought Field Therapy (A similar technique to above)
  • Timeline Therapy (In line with NLP and helpful for those looking towards goal setting)
  • Ego parts therapy (A useful therapy that can help us reach a conclusion during difficult times)
  • Emotrance mind tools ( A powerful mind tool that allows the client to let go of feelings that have formed into the physical)
  • Future Pacing mind tools (A wonderful tool, that creates room for future changes)
  • Matrix therapy (Used in combination with EFT this powerful therapy, can help heal past wounds including those where there are family ties)
  • Stress managament coaching (This coaching session will help you to cope with day to day stress, and anxiety management)
  • Motivational coaching (Helping you to realise your values, goals and desires with focus and energy)
  • Weight Loss coaching & hypnosis (A guided formula with support and hypnosis working in tandem)
  • Reiki ( A gentle hands free form of Japanese energy healing that can be used alone, or in line with a hypnotherapy session)

Please note, a few things to consider before you begin a firm commitment to therapy…


•To be able to attend on time in person, or by phone, for any pre-booked appointment.

•If you are unable to attend an appointment or any reason, please give at least 1 full days (24 hours) notice, to avoid late cancellation charges.

•If there are two consecutive cancellations, face to face or by phone, then I must realise that the rate of my therapy will be affected, and my original 3 therapy discount will be revoked, and full price will be charged.

•I understand that any unplanned cancellations will be deducted from the overall number of therapy sessions that I have planned with my therapist, and that the pre paid sessions will be non refundable.