Hypnotherapy, N.L.P. & E.F.T.

Hypnotherapy works!

People often turn to hypnotherapy as a last resort, and are surprised at what they find. Often we can hit a wall at some point in our life, which prevents us from moving forward. This block can manifest over time as a habit, destructive behaviour, or an anxiety which can affect our confidence. This can lead to self doubt, added stress, addictions or panic attacks over time.

For this reason I look at the whole person as well as their lifestyle, and throughout therapy I maintain a professional, caring and confidential approach. From experience I have noticed that positive results are often noticed after just a couple of sessions, and if required can progress onto monthly top up sessions for on going balance of well being.

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness whereby you will feel relaxed, and yet subtle internal changes can and will occur. Often you will feel the results within just a few sessions, as your new life begins to take shape. During this process, your logical mind needn’t be concerned, as this faculty can be bypassed, as you relax more and more. This allows the deeper recesses of the mind to become one to positive suggestion, thus allowing change to happen for you.

NLP is the use of positive language and the powerful formation of visual excerises and techniques using special guidance tools given by your practitioner. If you can see it, you can be it, using this powerful technique.

E.F.T. is a direct tool that can allow the client to access emotions during the waking state, with a subtle awareness and use of breath work to guide. As this happens, the emotional state is often receptive to change, and the emotions that are felt are often ready for release and change. This effective mind tool is energy driven, using the meridian system alongside a tapping motion. Instructions are given during therapy time.

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Regressional Hypnosis)

An extremely powerful and effective form of regression therapy that addresses the root cause of negative or destructive behaviour, that allows release from trapped emotional issues, in order to make room for positive change. During this process, an internal shift will often occur allowing you to experience relief and a lighter feeling around the initial issue.

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