Hypnosis & coaching for weight loss

Reduce your weight naturally and effectively

Hypnotherapy & coaching for weight loss has been proven to be one of the most reliable ways to lose weight for good., so how do you choose a weight reduction program that is tailor made for you?   with our choice of Hypnoslim weight loss hypnotherapy (recommended for those who have a moderate amount of weight to reduce), or Gastric Band Hypnosis for those who are considered clinically at risk or obese by their G.P. and have an excessive B.M.I. reading, and of course we have Fitnosis for those who want to really aim to get toned, and in shape, and come from a fitness, strength, health and well being angle rather than a solely weight reduction space, we have lot’s to offer!


My approach works because it help you to remove the guilt and stress that often comes with dieting. Hypnosis provides a simple yet radical way to lose inches, but more importantly it is a way to gain control of your eating habits and build a healthy relationship with food.

With Hypnoslim there is no calorie counting, no forbidden foods,  or deprivation. Instead, using simple hypnotherapy exercises, you will learn to reprogramme your mind. You will quickly start to enjoy food and make healthier choices, reaching and maintaining your target weight without guilt, hunger or stress.

Hypnotherapy is not a hit and miss success, it neither matters how many years the person has had an eating disorder or weight problem. The Hypnoslim program is a way to change the way you eat, forever.  Please be aware that you need to be serious about losing the weight you wish to lose on this no nonsense program.  In combination with the coaching that takes place, you will have instructions to complete during each week.


Have you ever just wanted to enjoy moving your body more? Or maybe you want to be at the top of your game, or in top condition.   This could include extra walking, cycling, swimming, dancing or whatever you know that you want to do, but for some reason you have a block that gets in your way?  Or maybe you need that extra focus in the gym, or you have a target body shape that you need to form.  Fitnosis puts your mind in the right place for action, and can easily be used alone, or in combination with a weight loss program.

Gastric band 

Is recommended for those who have a considerable amount of weight to reduce, or are suffering from a health risk which is affected by their weight. Gastric band hypnosis is offered over the course of 3 sessions covering 3.5 hours of therapy time, including relaxation C.D. This form of therapy is recommended over the course of 3 weeks, and is a more radical therapy for those in need of rapid weight reduction. However, responsibility must be taken by the client to fulfil the instructions given for homework.