Past life regression

 Also used in clinical hypnosis for the application of analytical regression for past traumas.

Past life regression is a form of therapy that can be used in a wide variety of ways.  In some cases a client wants a Past life regression because they have an inexplicable fear, or feeling that they feel the need to explore more fully.  Often, this can lead to some eye opening experiences for my clients, who can be fascinated by what their mind has revealed.  This can be useful as a therapy, or a tool for those who are curious about their own sense of self and spirituality.

Clinical analytical regression for trauma

Other areas of regression can be used to filter out, emotional traumas, fears, and on going cycles of destructive behaviour, whereby we use a form of visionary regression, and free association regression which is more commonly known as “Clinical or Analytical Hypnotherapy“, widely used amongst professional practitioners as the “crème de la crème” of therapies for its swift and positive results.  During regression, the subconscious mind is allowed to do exactly what it wishes, by freely searching out associations and memories that have an emotional charge.

Most of us can probably relate to a past negative experience, when things simply didn’t go quite the way we had expected them to. A time when things just turned our world upside down, when we may have felt unsure, deeply hurt, afraid, lost or completely alone perhaps. And of course all of these things can mount up over time deep inside the subconscious mind, affecting our daily behaviour through trapped and linked emotions from the past right through to the present day.

Indeed the past can have a very real effect on our future, simply because some events (whether we have recollection or not) have affected us with such intensity, that they have been stored as important data in order to protect us from having to deal with that situation once again. The result? Is that we may act in an unpredictable or undesirable way to certain situations, while not even consciously realising why we have even chosen to act that way in the first place. This is known as a cycle of destructive or negative habitual behaviour.

Most hypnotherapists will commonly use suggestional hypnosis, which fills the subconscious mind with lot’s of positive data allowing gentle and progressive change to take place… however if the issue you have simply isn’t going away, then you may be unconsciously aware that you are indeed in need of a qualified clinical hypnotherapist…

If on the other hand you are simply curious, and wish to investigate a past life regression on a metaphorical or serious level, again this is an extremely useful way to relate to your subconscious mind, helping you to gain much insight into your present day perceptions, beliefs and behaviours.

If you are curious about Past Life Regression or the Metapysical world you can also check out as a reference site for readings, healing and past life regression therapy